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about: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 2007 film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. The cast and crew recorded 40 original songs; 33 are in featured in the movie. Singer-songwriter Dan Bern and Mike Viola (of the Candy Butchers) wrote most of the film's songs, including "There's a Change a Happenin'", "Mulatto" and "Hole in My Pants." Marshall Crenshaw wrote the title tune and Van Dyke Parks penned one of the 1960-styled psychedelic jams, "Black Sheep."

track listing:
  1. "Walk Hard" (2:47)
  2. "Take My Hand" (2:31)
  3. "(Mama) You Got to Love Your Negro Man" (2:44)
  4. "A Life Without You (Is No Life at All)" (2:19)
  5. "Let's Duet" (3:32)
  6. "Darling" (2:35)
  7. "(I Hate You) Big Daddy" (1:49)
  8. "Guilty as Charged" (2:51)
  9. "Dear Mr. President" (2:45)
  10. "Let Me Hold You (Little Man)" (1:53)
  11. "Royal Jelly" (4:26)
  12. "Black Sheep" (3:44)
  13. "Starman" (3:40)
  14. "Beautiful Ride" (3:44)
  15. "(Have You Heard the News) Dewey Cox Died" (2:28)

my favorite tracks:
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"walk hard" music video

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