Thursday, May 8, 2008


about: On My Way Here is the fourth full length studio album released by American Idol Season 2 alumnus, Clay Aiken on May 6, 2008. Marc 'Kipper' Eldridge is the producer and Jaymes Foster the executive producer.

The title track, "On My Way Here", written by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder along with Hunter Davis and Chris Faulk, will be the first single released. The song is about how the lessons we learn growing up shape us into the adults we become. This struck a chord with Aiken and the song became the inspiration for the album's theme.

track listing:
  1. "On My Way Here"
  2. "Ashes"
  3. "Everything I Don't Need"
  4. "Something About Us"
  5. "Falling"
  6. "Where I Draw the Line"
  7. "The Real Me"
  8. "Weight of the World"
  9. "As Long as We're Here"
  10. "Sacrificial Love"
  11. "Grace of God"
  12. "Lover All Alone"

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