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ABOUT: Rambo is a 2008 action film starring Sylvester Stallone as Vietnam War veteran John Rambo. Stallone also co-wrote and directed the film. It is the fourth installment of the Rambo franchise, twenty years since the last film.

holds the record with the most kills out of the entire Rambo series, with 262 kills and an average of 3.2 per minute; also the number is more than that of the previous three movies combined. Stallone justified this in a press conference by saying the violence in the film was to underline the ongoing problems in Burma.

Twenty years after the last film in the series, John Rambo has retreated to northern Thailand, where he's running a longboat on the Salween River. On the nearby Thai-Burma border, the world's longest-running civil war, the Burmese-Karen conflict, rages into its 60th year. But Rambo, who lives a solitary, simple life in the mountains and jungles fishing and catching poisonous snakes to sell, has long given up fighting, even as medics, mercenaries, rebels and peace workers pass by on their way to the war-torn region.

That all changes when missionaries are captured by the Burmese Army. Pastor Arthur Marsh turns to Rambo for help. Although the United States military trained him to be a lethal super soldier in Vietnam, decades later Rambo's reluctance for violence and conflict are palpable, his scars faded, yet visible. However, the lone warrior knows what he must do.

MY REVIEW: With Rocky Balboa and now Rambo, Sylvester Stallone has made two films that bring dramatic closure to two characters that made him famous. Which is funny because no one expected that those two films would turn out the way they did. They both were written and directed by Stallone. They both had realistic drama attached to them even though the Rambo films were considered just action movies and the Rocky movies, with the exception of the first one, were just comedic entertainment.

Stallone does a good job of directing on Rambo. Especially the scenes that involve the rescue mission. In a lot of movies, rescue mission scenes can kind of go all over the place because of bad editing and directing. You don't know who is who and what is what in most movies like these but with Rambo that is not the case. You know who the bad guys are at all times and you know who the good guys are at all times and its never confusing along with being well choreographed. Even action movies have to have choreography.

The action scenes are intense. I don't mean that there is just a lot of action scenes, even though there are, but I'm talking guts flying everywhere and ripping throats out with bare hands. This is the bloodiest movie I have seen since Passion of the Christ.

I've never seen any of the other Rambo movies. I bet they were cheesy but a lot of fun. Rambo also has a bit of 80s touch to it, especially Rambo's hair. After seeing this Rambo I plan on checking out the earlier ones if I ever find the time to get to them. Stallone has said that he will be making another one so I guess Rambo really wasn't closure, but compared to the other films, it sure was different.

The DVD has deleted scenes so you can watch more killing if the ones in the movie wasn't enough for you. Audio commentary so you can hear Stallone talking about how much killing he did and making-of stuff so you can see how they did all the killing.

MY CHEESY RATING: Rambo gets a killer of a rating 7 out of 10.



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