Tuesday, May 13, 2008


about: Untraceable is a 2008 thriller starring Diane Lane, Joseph Cross, Billy Burke, and Colin Hanks. It was directed by Gregory Hoblit and is distributed by Screen Gems. The film is a social commentary on Internet schadenfreude.

Set in Portland, Oregon, the film involves a serial killer who rigs contraptions that kill his victims based on the number of hits received by a website ("www.killwithme.com") that features a live streaming video of the victim. Millions of people log on, hastening the victims' violent deaths. Lane plays the protagonist, a cybercop named Jennifer Marsh, who pieces the mystery together, at great risk to the personal well-being of herself and her family.

my review: Untraceable is not like most serial killer films and thats because the killer is doing his killings over the internet for everyone to see. Kind of like FeardotCom but better and without the ghost girl.

It's a good idea for a film and the director and the cast pull it off in a realistic way (as much as they can anyway). Colin Hanks has his best performance yet and I look forward to seeing him in more dramatic roles in the future.

I like the fact that the movie was filmed in Portland, OR, a city that I love, and not in the usual serial killer movie cities of NY or LA. I also like that we see the killer's face half way through the movie, yet we still don't know who he is or why he is doing it. Which is a great idea because in most movies like this, instead of watching the movie, we are playing Clue and trying to figure out who the killer is. The ending, when all is revealed, kind of actually makes sense and is not overplayed and complicated.

We haven't had a good serial killer movie since Zodiac and even though Untraceable is not as good, its better than nothing.

my rating:
6 out of 10

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