Tuesday, May 6, 2008


about: Different Stars is the second album by American rock band Trespassers William. It was originally self-released in 2002, released in the UK on Bella Union on 28 September 2002, and finally re-released with minor track changes on Nettwerk Records on 19 October 2004.

track listing:
  1. "Intro"
  2. "Lie in the Sound"
  3. "Different Stars"
  4. "Alone"
  5. "Let You Down"
  6. "Love is Blindness"
  7. "Flicker"
  8. "Fragment"
  9. "Just Like This"
  10. "Love You More"
  11. "Untitled"
"Different Stars" has been featured in the movies Annapolis and A Love Song for Bobby Long, as well as the television show The O.C. The latter has also featured "Alone". "Lie in the Sound" has appeared on the television show One Tree Hill.

listen to:
different stars (mp3)
lie in the sound (mp3)

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