Sunday, May 18, 2008


Delirious is a 2006 film released directed by Tom DiCillo. It stars Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Elvis Costello, Greg D'Agostino and Joe D'Onofrio.

It is the story of twenty-year old Toby Grace (Michael Pitt) who progresses from a homeless scavenger in New York City to the assistant of a self-absorbed, obsessive-compulsive, familial-complexed paparazzi, Les Galantine (Steve Buscemi), then falls in love with a superstar, effectively and sweetly abandoning his former employer.

MY REVIEW: Delirious starts off as a good movie but then turns into a bad one about half way through. Buscemi and Pitt are great in their scenes together where both of their characters realize that they need each other. The best parts of the movie are watching Buscemi do his thing and act like a crazy nut. It's when the movie starts to follow a plot and a story it starts to stop working.

The whole story where the Pitt character falls in love with the actress and then he becomes a new big time celebrity and ditches Buscemi is done so awfully that the movie starts to become unwatchable. We hardly get to see Buscemi anymore as the movie just becomes about the ex homeless guy who is now an actor and it just goes nowhere.

DiCillo, who also directed Buscemi in Living In Oblivion, just doesn't know what to do with his story or how to direct it. Like Oblivion, Delirious has too many camera tricks and shots that seem like they should be from another movie. In Oblivion is kind of worked because the movie was about shooting a movie, but here they just seem awkward and weird.

The DVD is pretty dry with a featurette on the movie, a trailer, director's commentary and a music video that was in the movie. I think the music video, which reminded me of cheesy 90s pop videos, was actually better than the movie.

MY RATING: 4 out of 10


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