Sunday, May 25, 2008


ABOUT: The Up Series consists of a series of documentary films that have followed the lives of fourteen British children since 1964, when they were seven years old. The children were selected to represent the range of socio-economic backgrounds in Britain at that time, with the explicit assumption that each child's social class predetermines their future. Every seven years, the director, Michael Apted, films new material from as many of the fourteen as he can get to participate. The latest film, 49 Up, was released in September 2005; filming for the next instalment in the series, 56 Up, is expected in late 2011 or early 2012.

MY REVIEW: In my review of Seven Up! I talked about how as each film comes along it will get more interesting because as one grows older more things happen in their lives. 7 Plus Seven kind of skips that theory this film because when I think about it, I wasn't that interesting when I was 14. In the first film the kids were 7 and they talked about girls and what a 7 year old likes to do. It was funny and interesting. Now that the kids are 14 they are a little bit more serious and boring.

7 Plus Seven is an hour long and that's half an hour longer than the first film and I think it really didn't need to be. I think when they reach adulthood it can be an hour but listening to a 14 year old talk about their life for an hour starts to become tiresome after 14 min. The rich kids talk about how rich they are and like to do rich things. The poor kids talk about what they want to be when they grow up, which they basically did in the first film and for most of them it hasn't changed. The two kids that didn't have a family and were interesting in the first film, now barely say anything and are a bore.

I think the series will become interesting again when they are 21 but it just isn't at 14. Ask yourself if you could talk about your life for an hour at 14 years old and get back to me. If you can please e-mail it to me and I'm sure it would be a lot more interesting then these kids.

MY CHEESY RATING: 7 Plus Seven = Boreteen. 4 out of 10



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