Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When all the passengers on a plane die, FBI agent Olivia Dunham investigates the events and while on the investigation her partner, John Scott, almost dies. A desperate Olivia looks for help and finds Dr. Walter Bishop, but he cannot help her because he has been institutionalized. The only way to even question him is with the help of his son Peter.

Olivia continues her investigations leading her to Nina Sharp, a manipulative executive. Olivia, Peter and Dr. Bishop will begin to discover what really happened on Flight 627 and begin to uncover a larger truth.

The pilot episode of "Fringe" is one of the best I have seen since "Swingtown". It is almost an hour and a half long so it's not too short to leave you hanging but it does end with you wanting more. It is well shot, well acted, and well written but time will tell if that will continue or if it was all just for the pilot. John Noble as Dr. Bishop stands out in the cast and the "X-Files" vibe keeps you interested when parts of the show start to slow down.

"Fringe" will not fail I suspect, mostly because it will be aired after Fox's most popular shows and the fact that it's another show from TV puzzle master J.J. Abrams. I hope it sticks around too and most importantly, stays with the same vibe that the pilot has.



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