Monday, June 30, 2008


ABOUT: Honeydripper is a 2007 American musical drama film written and directed by John Sayles.
Tyrone (Danny Glover) is the proprietor of the Honeydripper juke joint. When business at the once-popular club begins to trail off and Tyrone hires unpredictable electric guitarist Sonny (Gary Clark, Jr.) against his better judgment, Tyrone's last-ditch bid to draw in crowds during harvest time has surprising results that neither desperate Tyrone nor the ambitious Sonny could have ever anticipated. Blues guitarist Keb' Mo' co-stars.

REVIEW: A John Sayles film is never about the plot but about the characters. Thats not a bad thing because the characters are interesting and there are a lot of them. Every Sayles film has a plot that connects a whole bunch of characters together who speak like they actually exist in a real world. It also helps that Sayles usually casts unknown actors, which adds to the realistic feel of his films.

Honeydripper is no different than his other films. The plot is simple and the ending is uneventful but the movie is still really good because the characters are so good. Every character is interesting and has something interesting to say. The actors who play them, a lot unknown, all do a great job. Especially Danny Glover who had a bit of a slip with Be Kind Rewind, but is now back on his feet. He gives a great performance.

The movie looks great and moves at a steady pace that is simple, yet never boring. Sayles could make a movie about anything and have the most uninteresting plot ever, but still would be able to pull it off with the way he writes his characters. There is nothing to compare it with.

The DVD includes commentary with Sayles, which is sweet. Behind the scenes stuff and interviews.

BOTTOM LINE: Honeydripper plays some good blues. 7 out of 10



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